中国博彩平台学区 is a well-built community of highly trained staff members of seven elementary schools, 四所中学和初中, 三所高中, one 早教中心 and a 大学和职业准备中心. 

The 早教中心 gives students a strong academic foundation to build upon, 包括一个安全和积极的环境, collaborative learning to foster positive self-esteem and foster an appreciation for local and national culture. 家庭集体活动, 社区成员和学生包括家庭宾果之夜, 干细胞活动, 家庭野餐和书展.  

圣路易斯市内有三所高中. Martin Parish offer an impressive array of courses to engage students. Courses include honors, college preparatory and career readiness courses. 每所高中都开设了一个开放的, 温馨的环境让学生感受到尊重, 他们的每一天都很有价值,很安全.

Jr. 高中

小布鲁大桥. 高

六年级学生, 7 and 8 are offered a variety of courses to accelerate and support their learning. 小布鲁桥的工作人员动手. 高扩展加速阅读器, 技术 electives and science options as choices for each student.

St. 大抵相同小. 高

A nurturing and welcoming staff shares a mission to inspire all students to procure the knowledge, 尊重, skills and attitude to enable them to be successful members of the community in which they live. 各种各样的课外活动, 学校为学生提供俱乐部和体育活动, 包括足球, 排球, 合唱团, 机器人俱乐部, 全国青少年贝塔俱乐部和马乔莱特 & 国旗的女孩.

小塞西莉亚. 高

As a school that firmly believes in coming together and working hard, 小塞西莉亚. 高 prepares students for a high-powered society through diligent academics paired with social development emphasis. Various clubs and extracurricular activities offered include 4-H, 美术博览会, 图书馆的助手, 黑人历史项目, 天赋:学者, 才华:戏剧和游戏俱乐部.



As the second largest university in Louisiana with over 19,000名学生, 多种多样的课程和学士学位, 提供硕士和博士学位. Programs range from hard sciences to humanities, environmental biology, computer science and nursing.

SLCC 伊万杰琳校区

South Louisiana Community College was established as an all-inclusive, multi-campus public two-year higher education institution to serve the eight civil parishes of Acadia, 伊万杰琳, 伊比利亚, 拉斐特, St. 兰德里,圣. 马丁,圣. 玛丽和朱米尔. 这是一所小而有大影响的大学, SLCC offers a variety of courses including Automotive Technology, 土木测绘, 数字媒体, 一般的研究, 医疗助理和工业技术.


位于布鲁大桥, the 大学和职业准备中心 provides numerous choices for high school students within the 中国博彩平台学区. 高中学分是为各种课程提供的, 包括护理员, 美容, 电工, 焊接, and ProStart which develops the brightest food service industry leaders.



Learning in a safe and positive environment which fosters cooperative relationships, students are guided through developmentally appropriate activities by a nurturing and flexible staff.


St. 马丁维尔高中

最优秀的教师和员工在圣. 马丁维尔高中 take immense pride in their academic curricula and are dedicated to providing the finest learning opportunities for students. 这所学校提供许多大学预科课程, and a variety of other courses to help students prepare for life after high school, 包括商业和技术.


Originally built in 1922, 塞西莉亚高中 began as a school for grades 1-12. Through years of evolution and growth, the school currently sits on twenty sprawling acres. 高素质的员工每天都有目标需要支持, teach and collaborate with well-rounded students through various academic and athletic programs. Cecilia HIgh School provides a variety of clubs to participate in, 比如4-H, 国民健康保险制度, 学生会和FFA. 


老虎之家, 布鲁桥高中 offers exemplary academic and athletic programs designed around student needs and interests. Curriculum programs are focused on knowledge to support students after high school, including college and career readiness programs and test prep assistance.



作为我的领袖学校项目的骄傲成员, grades 3-5 in 布鲁桥小学 caringly guides each student to embrace the leadership skills to help them succeed in life. The school strives to 创建 a culture of student empowerment, 是积极的, accountability of goals while focusing on the whole child.


3-5年级在校学生600余人, Teche Elementary staff offers top-notch teaching strategies with high expectations and contemporary 技术 resources for all areas of learning.

St. 马丁维尔小学

Preparing students for a job market filled with science and 技术, St. Martinville Elementary guides each student through a STEM program, 包括科学, 技术, 工程与数学. Critical thinking and hands-on learning are incorporated into daily lessons.


鳄鱼之家, Stephensville Elementary is nestled within five acres of land surrounded by mature Oak and Cypress trees.


公园小学 is a cooperative community of students, teachers, staff and families. The school provides many opportunities for families and community members to 创建 learning partnerships. Teachers and staff members focus on providing a quality inclusive learning environment using engaging and enriching resources.


在塞西莉亚小学, the French Immersion Program connects the English and French languages into engaging and collaborative lessons for students.


With a school vision of supporting life-long learners to think, 创建, 协作和沟通, the staff at 塞西莉亚小学 aims to develop these skills to prepare them for the world.


Pre-K through second grade students 创建 a community of primary learners in the welcoming and safe environment of 布鲁桥小学.



With a strong belief that all students will learn, 帕克斯中学 is home to grades 5-8. Students experience compelling Math, Science, English and Social Studies courses. Electives including Physical 教育, French and IBCA are also offered.